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Out-of-Town Lindy Links

Red Hot Swing
Going to Victoria and want to know about some dancing? Talk to Kevin Savage at Red Hot Swing, the Island's best Swing Dance group! 
Swing Dance Calgary 
Yep, they do more than kick up their heels in Cow-Town! If you're heading to Calgary, head to Swing Dance Calgary first to find out where and when these friendly people dance!
Swing-Out Edmonton
Swing Dancing in Alberta's Capital City is alive and well! Take in more than the Mall in Edmonton and contact Swing-Out Edmonton!
Traveling in Canada and want to know if there is dancing where you're going? Planning a dance vacation? Head to LindyHopper to get your info!
Savoy Swing Club
The crew behind SwingOut NorthWest and so much more! The Savoy Swing Club is the place for swing in Seattle!
Toronto Swing Dance Society
If you're visiting the Toronto area and want to swing dance, see what's going on with the TSDS! They've got the skinny on where to dance in the Big Smoke.
Chris & Maren
Heading to Seattle for a Thursday night? Check out The Russian Centre with Chris & Maren!
Swingin' Montreal
Here's the website to go to when you're in Montreal looking for a place to dance. Swingin' Montreal has all the info on venues, classes and events in and around this grand city!
Studio 88-Swing
THE place to go in Montreal for lessons by some of the top dancers in the country. Studio 88-Swing has made its mark on the Montreal swing scene with classes for casual and competative dancers as well as doubling as a club with a full bar for regular dances.
These crazy kids from Quebec City are the ones to go to if your in that area of La Belle Province looking for Swing Dancing. Check out Port-O-Swing to get your fix.
Hep Jen
For her occasional Seattle visits, check out this San Fran based Swing Maven's website!
For info on a variety of dances in Toronto, talk to Peter at
Upper Valley Swing Dance Network  
Heading to the Swing Mecca of New Hampshire? Then contact John & Sandra for more information and hit the UVSwing Dance site to see where to dance.
Updated regularly by Jodie from Toronto, this site is your quick, one-stop look at Swing Dancing around Canada and the US. Head to Swingoutoftown.Com before planning your next dance trip!