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Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop is a partnered Jazz dance that erupted from the dance halls of the late 1920's. Danced to Swinging Jazz, halls like Harlem's monstrous 4000 capacity Savoy Ballroom were the places that nurtured this amazing,
energetic dance called Lindy Hop by featuring the top bands of the time!

So what is Lindy Hop? It's a blend of African solo dance movements and European social dancing, generally done to an 8-count. Along with the Jazz music that inspired it,
Lindy Hop has diverse roots.

Lindy Hop also incorporated such pre-swing moves, such as the Charleston, the Texas Tommy, and a variety of movements that have come to be known as Jazz moves. Living Legend Frankie Manning forever changed the face of Lindy Hop when he performed the first aerial in a dance contest back at the old Savoy. Things have never been the same since! Today, Lindy Hoppers give Charleston a great deal of credit for the inspiration
behind the dance. Ironically, Charleston was banned for a time in many dance halls of the day, including the Savoy!

Lindy Hop today is known by a variety of names, including Jitterbug (which it was called in the 1930's), Savoy, and Hollywood, with these last two referring to particular styles. Jungle Swing Lindy Hop classes stress the basics first so that you can add style later, and call it as you like!

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