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Collegiate Shag

Collegiate Shag is a light dance which can quickly travel across the dance floor. If you've ever seen cartoons which show dancers pressing their faces and torsos together while their feet move madly underneath them... that's Collegiate Shag. This is a great dance for fast music and is often used to provide a rest period during long up tempo songs.

The basic consists of a 6 count pattern: slow (2 counts), slow (2 counts), quick, quick (1 count each). Todays dancers have taken the dance to a new level by adding aerials and intricate footwork patterns. Collegiate Shag is based on a very close hold, and it is therefore a very compact dance, making it well suited for crowded dance floors.

Collegiate Shag originated in the South and has been known at times as the "Flea Hop". The Shag was popular in the early 1920's and predates Lindy Hop with the college students. It was primarily danced to fast Ragtime - Jazz type music. There were many Intercollegiate Dance Contests held in NYC in the 1920s-1930's which held a "Shag Division. It is popular today with Swing Dancers all over North America.