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Build Your Biz & Make a Mint: Savvy Coaching for the Self Employed
“Professionalize Your Site”
By Stephanie Tait

Think about how often you’re on the Internet these days. How many websites do you come across in a week? What about each day? With the Internet increasing in popularity, most people are on it a lot. As such, it has become a great new way to promote your business.

There’s just one problem.

A lot of people have figured this out.

Most businesses these days have a website to advertise and promote their work. And for good reason! Websites can be a highly effective medium to reach tens, hundreds, and for some, thousands of people at all hours, around the world, each day without you having to be anywhere or do anything new. So first and foremost - make sure you have one for your business!

That said, it’s one thing for new people to come across your website and learn about what you do, and it’s quite another for them to want to pay you for it. Your website may be the first view someone has of your business so have it done professionally. If writing is not your strong point, consider hiring a professional to write or edit your content. Have your all your pictures taken by a professional. Do your research to find a skilled website designer. Hire whoever you need to have people think “professional” when they come across your site.

Regardless of the fact that you will probably have to hire a specialist or two to ensure a high quality website, this is still the cheapest way to advertise your business per view. Unlike print media, your website can’t be thrown in the garbage after someone is done with it. Its quality does not diminish the more people read it through. You can track how many people have heard about you. And if someone likes what they’ve read, it’s easier for them to pass it on to multiple people at once. The benefits of having a website over print media go on and on.

When you get people to your site, give people incentive to contact you – offer online discounts. Simply from your website, it may appear that you offer the exact same products or services as your competitors. Give people an enticing reason to do business with you.

Professionalize your site and watch your biz grow!


Stephanie Tait is a Personal and Professional Leadership Coach who works with young professionals and entrepreneurs helping them create the lives and careers they truly desire. Email or visit Visions Without Borders for more info.